Checking motorcycles after the winter months

North Wales Police is appealing to bikers to take extra care as many will be preparing to get back on the road after the winter months.

With the weather forecast predicted to be sunny for the coming days and the start of British Summer Time from Sunday 27th March, riders are being advised to check their bikes over carefully, as many will be getting machines out of storage for the first time as the weather improves.

Sergeant Leigh Evans of the Roads Policing Unit said, “Motorcycles may not be roadworthy after being locked up over winter, even if they were in good condition on the day they went into storage.

“Tyres can deflate over time and parts can seize so it is very important that riders check their vehicles carefully before riding them. It’s far better to fix an issue before setting off on a journey than discover a problem whilst out riding and potentially being involved in a collision.

“There's a new and exciting feeling when you first get back on your bike after winter, to ride again and enjoy the sense of freedom. However, can you honestly say that your skills are as polished as when you last rode several months ago?

"No matter how good you are, you can always improve. So once again we are urging bikers to consider further skills training to improve their riding via schemes such as BikeSafe.

Sergeant Evans added, “If you are planning on going out on your motorcycle please travel at a speed which is legal and appropriate to the road circumstances, check the weather forecast and traffic conditions – which can be unpredictable at this time of the year and always wear high-visibility clothing and other appropriate attire.

“Drivers are also being urged to ‘Think Bike’ and be extra vigilant for motorcycles during their journeys and ensure they give sufficient room when following bikers. It’s also important to continually check for motorcycles when moving off, or emerging from junctions.”

Bikers are advised to think POWDERPetrol, Oil, Water, Damage, Electrics and Rubber.


Monday, 21 March 2022